Author Topic: New to big bore airguns. sls4ak living, working, hunting in Alaska since 1997.  (Read 969 times)


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I first wanted to try big bore airguns when I learned from a machinist friend (we were in a blacksmithing group association together) that I had a neighbor (Dennis Quackenbush) who made fine air rifles by hand.  I tried for many years to get one of his rifles, entering his lottery each year hoping to get the chance to buy one of his works of art.  I failed to do so.  I then started working to buy one of XP-Airguns products.  Now after much back and forth, delays and confusion, I am scheduled to buy a 2 barrel XP 36" in 308 and 45.  I will be making my own stock.

I know nothing about compressors, tuning and tweaking airguns, pellet geometry... The list is long.
I look forward to learning more about getting the most out of this purchase.

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Welcome aboard. And, you've come to the right place. You might want to peruse Bob Sterne's posts, as there are a lot of gems to be garnered from them.

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I have an Omega compressor. If you're a fellow Guild member, and you pass through Roswell, NM, I'll fill your portable tank as a courtesy.


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I've learned a lot about big bores the past couple years. First thing is an airgun like a Quackenbush is a 2, maybe 3 shot gun. This makes fill pressure accuracy extremely important if you are seeking any reasonable accuracy. I had been religiously sticking to 3,000 fill pressure on all three of my DAQs only to find the two rifles were dumping all the air on the second shot. Talked to Dennis and he approves of filling to 3100 to 3200 to allow for remaining air on the 2nd shot.

The DAQ .575 Short Rifle likes round balls. Period. I've blown some bucks on trying other bullets but round ball it is.

The DAQ .458? I'm still figuring out what it likes.  I cast two new bullets this weekend to try out. I'm steadily going up in weight and length, and am now at 330 and 340 grains. Looking at a 405 grain bullet next if it doesn't like the two new bullets.

A really good source of big bore information is Bog Vogel, aka Mr. Hollowpoint. He's owned a ton of big bores, and makes great ammo, and videos, and knows the ins and outs.  Me? I'm just a hack having fun.
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