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SOLD AA 200T with TKO
« on: September 19, 2017, 05:32:31 AM »
AA 200T purchased from Pyramyd Air about 2 months ago. Gun is in perfect condition and I tuned it up to 12fpe. Very accurate with JSB 8.44 and AA 10.34 (all I have). TKO makes it nice and quiet. $425 shipped OBO to your door. PayPal preferred. Comes in original box with all shown included.

It's very accurate. This is 6 5 shot groups at 33yds. The top left and bottom left have a group of 5 and group of 2 in each for sighting the scope in better.

For these guns you unscrew the reserviors from the gun. So unscrew it and it comes with the adapter shown to the right of it.

Unscrew the adapter that holds the fill hose on.

Attach adapter to the reservior

Attach the whole thing to where the fill hose adapter came from.

Fill to 190bar and then bleed both the adapter and tank bleeders unscrew and put back in the gun.

Pyramyd Air does sell an adapter for it to use with foster fill but I don't have one. You'd need to remove the reservior regardless to fill with it anyways. Can also go with Huma or altaros regulators and I believe they have kits to make them fill probe fillable.
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