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Title: For sale or trade: G7S hand pump. TRADE PENDING
Post by: Bryan H. on July 05, 2018, 04:24:17 PM
TRADE PENDING, i made a deal for it.

I have an Air Venturi G7S hand pump, for sale or trade.  I am trying to get at least $100 for it, shipped.  Comes with the box, manual, a fill probe, etc.

Ideally, I would take a .22 airgun of similar value in trade.  Bare in mind, it comes with a fill probe, worth an additional $10-$20.  It is in like new condition, only used to fill the gamo urban a few times before I returned the rifle.  Approximately 2-3 tins of pellets would not be a conservative estimate, as i have never actually used a full tin of what it liked before I returned the Urban.  It is the only PCP I have had.

As for airguns, preferably a multipump pneumatic or CO2 powered .22 air rifle.  I'll consider a springer, but not likely.  Even a 1322 with a shoulder stock might be nice, if it has either a steel breech or scope, or both.  But if you have something yoi think I might like, message me.  Thanks.