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I'm Rod and live in San Francisco.
I'm fairly new to PCP.
Love my BSA R10 .22.
Expecting my Airforce Texan LSS .25 to arrive 3rd week in Jan 2022.

I've been on the preorder list with Utah Airguns for the FX Impact M3 .25 700 sniper. I hope to fulfil this dream around the first week in Feb 2022.

I'm currently shooting most Wednesdays mornings at the Diablo Rod and Gun club in Concord California.

My interest is in long distance shooting 100 to 200 yards with my Texan. Looking for other Texan shooters to share experiences. Also other M3 shooters after I finally get mine.

I want to learn about casting or swaging my own slugs.

Aim Straight.
Rod in San Francisco
PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / Re: 🔴 MORE COMPACT Bullpups?
« Last post by rsterne on January 16, 2022, 09:03:28 PM »
Interesting topic.... but even if Bullpups were legal in Canada, anything under 26" LOA would be restricted like a handgun....  ::)

PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / 🔴 MORE COMPACT Bullpups?
« Last post by JungleShooter on January 16, 2022, 05:39:32 PM »

(3 parts: Wonderings — Gun List — and Questions)


I'm all in favor of making airguns more powerful — with slugs leading the way.  👍🏼

However, I also favor airguns being SHORT! (Not just bullpups per se, but COMPACT bullpups.)

So, I see product development going full speed for more power.

But I'm not seeing product development hastening to shorten the guns..... 🤔

Sure, a lot of so called "compact" bullpups are coming out — but none beats the EDgun Lelya 2 with its short 23.4" (=59.5cm) without power reduction.

The Lelya 2 has been around for over half a decade...! And by now I would have expected bullpups being offered in say 20" (=51cm) or less.....


The manufacturers are inventing new technologies to create more power, and create it more consistently. Great! More power to them!!

But I would have expected that they would ALSO create new technologies to:
• reduce the length of the action
• facilitate shorter but higher pressure air bursts — while keeping muzzle velocity variations small
• improve shrouds and silencers to keep the noise down — while still creating the same power despite a shorter barrel.....

Well, I'll put it on my Christmas wishlist when I write to Eduard and Axel.... 🤣


So, below is a list of compact bullpups  (plus Leshiy), sorted from shorter to longer.

▪23.4" = 59.5cm:  EDGun Lelya 2.0 — came out in 2016 [Lelya 1 is too rare to be included]

▪23.6" = 60cm:  Taipan Veteran Compact

▪23.9" = 61cm:  Ataman BP17

▪24.9" = 63.3cm:  EDgun Leshiy [Classic 250mm]

▪24.5" = 62cm:  KalibrGun Cricket 2 Compact — Discontinued

▪24.5" = 62cm:  AGT Uragan Compact

▪24.9" = 63.3cm:  RTI Prophet Compact

▪25.0" = 63.5cm:  FX Impact M3 Compact

▪25.2" = 64cm:  KalibrGun Argus 45

▪25.5" = 64.8cm:  EDgun Leshiy 2 Short

▪25.7" = 65.3:  RTI Prophet Performance Compact

————————The following are excluded, because they have just "REGULAR" bullpup length — call them "compact" all you want:
▪26.8" = 68cm:  FX Wildcat MKIII "Compact"
▪27.5" = 70cm:  FX Maverick "Compact"
————————The following gun appears(!) short, but once you silence it to the level of the other bullpups, it's not compact anymore, just a regular bullpup size:
▪24.8" = 63cm — PLUS silencer!:  STEYR Pro X Scout


❓ (1)  Are there more?

❓ (2)  Which ones (besides FX) can have the regulator adjusted without degassing or complicated disassembly?
(something as simple as taking the stock off to get to the regulator would be fine)

❓ (3)  Which ones shoot slugs pretty well (besides the FX)?

Thanks for your help!


Airgun Hunting / Re: D&D (Dance & Die) Shot in Slo-Mo
« Last post by JungleShooter on January 16, 2022, 05:33:49 PM »
Yeah, Alan, there is a WANT growing in my gun mind — to get a gun capable of red mist and that SOUND of the hits.

That sound that as you say, is "a confirmation" for you — "if nothing else."   ;)

Then again, other posters clearly state that there is an "else" — beside the confirmation of the hit.... 🤣

I think I can learn a lot from your vast experience — as your frequent quarry is the same as mine, Alan. I'll PM you this week, if that's no trouble to you. 😊

Airgun Hunting / Proof
« Last post by Alan on January 16, 2022, 02:57:25 PM »
As I have stated, I don't take videos of my kills. However, here is proof of the squirrel trapped over a branch of my backyard Ash tree. Enough said.

General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: A Long Time Ago....
« Last post by watersteps on January 16, 2022, 11:54:35 AM »
You were right on Bob, Thanks
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: A Long Time Ago....
« Last post by watersteps on January 16, 2022, 06:52:33 AM »
Thanks Bob, I will check it out.
Airgun Hunting / Re: D&D (Dance & Die) Shot in Slo-Mo
« Last post by Alan on January 16, 2022, 04:34:06 AM »
Although I have the capability to do so, I no longer record hits. I'm not saying don't... I'm say "I" don't.

About three years ago, I switched over to slugs in my Impact Mk II, and it is all that have been shot through my Mk III I've owned for about 10 months. I shoot the NSA 26.8 grain slugs, right at 960 FPS, or about 55 FPE. At any range under ≈80 yards, slo-mo videos clearly show the results, red mist and all. YouTube doesn't like those very much.

The famous three (infamous perhaps) from South Africa, must edit out their gorier hits. I say this, because they're shooting well over 55 FPE in most cases, where the pellet/slug strikes are rather obvious. And so are the sound of the hits! Slo-mo sort of masks these sounds I suspect, but nonetheless I never tire of the sound of the hits. It is a confirmation for me, if nothing else.

I do have to admit, the hit out of your pistol was rather spectacular. Goes to show you, that even low FPE airguns can get the job done when the shot is well placed.
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: A Long Time Ago....
« Last post by rsterne on January 15, 2022, 09:19:28 PM »
Most likely that was Marco's 20mm on the Gateway to Airguns....

General Airgun Forum Discussion / A Long Time Ago....
« Last post by watersteps on January 15, 2022, 07:10:24 PM »
Several years ago I was a member of an Air Gun forum that had a Machining Forum that showed a lot of rifle builds. One of these builds was a large bore, .750 or 1.0 inch bore. The builder showed a lot of pictures of this build and the actual shooting of the rifle.
Would anyone remember what the forum was or the huge rifle builders name?
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