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There is not alot of information about this Daisy model to be found.

Daisy Heddon Co2 model 300 that was made in 1969-1973 for Ted Williams and sold by Sears. it is based off the Daisy 200 pistol. is a true semi-auto

.177  Smooth Bore bb
CO2 12 g
37 3/4 inch length
3.5 lbs
12mm dovetail scope rail
manual safety
100 round capacity
5 rounds loaded

Today I I shoot it at 30 feet at paper for this episode of backporch plinking. ,
Most airguns propel pellets or slugs at sub-sonic velocities, which avoids the trans-sonic region during flight. I wouldn't say this eliminates extra-long distances, but it sure does limit them. Nonetheless, it is not unheard of to shoot out to 300 yards. However, I'd guess the max is nearer to 200 yards, give or take depending on several factors (caliber, FPS, etc.).

For me personally, I limit the power of my .25 caliber FX Impact to about 50 FPE, as I do most of my shooting in an exurban area, a couple of miles outside the city limits.

There are a lot of choices for low-cost airguns, especially break barrels. This said, I'd be thinking PCP in the near future if you really want to expand your horizons.
Hi all.
I'm new to airguns that shoot pellets & slugs, but not new to shooting.
Hey, I'm in it for the fun! As she says, I like to get into new technical pursuits,
learn a lot about them, then expand the boundaries ⥤ look out world.

I'm already curious about shoot for medium distance, lik100 - 300yds.
Is that done with airguns? If so does it cost as much as a 🚗? 😁

Shopping for my first serious air-rifle. Hoping to enter at the low end, and see how I like it.
Obviously 3 MOA @ 200yds comes later....
'nuff said.
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: JSAR Raptors for Sale Already
« Last post by kkarmical on Today at 07:03:58 AM »
I have to admit my jaw hit my chest when TW said he had Raptor 2.0 coming.  :o

The only thing that really got me was when someone asked whether or not any of these so called improvements to the first Raptor were going to be made to fix existing problems that customers are having with the Raptors they have already, and TW said he didn't know😲
Before moving ahead and taking deposits for another shouldn't they fix the first release?

I truly feel sorry for anyone that buys into this BS again.
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: JSAR Raptors for Sale Already
« Last post by Alan on Today at 03:43:17 AM »
Geez! This is FX Impact territory!
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: JSAR Raptors for Sale Already
« Last post by Motorhead on September 17, 2021, 08:58:14 PM »
Airgun Hunting / Re: Yuge Iguanas
« Last post by Alan on September 17, 2021, 01:38:52 PM »
Yes siree!

Oh I miss those days. Age has taken my beauty, and sin has left a sad scare, but by golly, I can still feel, see, and recall those days in my younger life!
Airgun Hunting / Re: Yuge Iguanas
« Last post by Loren on September 17, 2021, 12:46:11 PM »
I have been to the lake, and just passed the wetlands driving down US69.  The fish hatchery presented easy duck hunting.  We would put out 100+ decoys on one of the larger ponds and they would stay out on the pond all season.  Plain spoiled me for duck hunting. 
Airgun Hunting / Re: Yuge Iguanas
« Last post by Alan on September 17, 2021, 12:35:15 PM »
Man after my heart!

My uncle had a pig farm, south of of Kansas City, near Springhill, KS. Most of the slop water drained into a small pond, about 2 acres if that much. Apparently, all the slop and manure did wonders for the frogs, as some of them weighed in well over a pound. And those frog legs? Oh my were they good. Used to use the innards for cat fish bait.

Loren, considering where you live, I suspect you've been over to the Marais des Cygnes NWR. I've been all over that area. That area has some of the best fishing anywhere close to you that I know of. And if you're into duck hunting? Wow!
That's a new one on me.

Twist of fate, I suspect, is one reason for odd calibers. The Winchester 270 is one, with a bore of .277, when in reality is should have been .2775.
Have a 270 Winchester and a Remington. They are both extremely accurate flat shooting rifles
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