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Three is a bit high for backyard shooting, if you have close neighbors. My FX Impact (≈52 FPE) is allow "1", but the impact (no pun intended) against any object, it too loud!

I've seen CO2 rifles with threaded barrels, and have actually been looking for one. The local supply (Big5) no longer sells the older Beeman with a threaded barrel. Hopefully, some one here will know about them.

And... Some of the lesser expensive PCPs (≈$200) have built in suppressors. The only issue is pumping them up, if you don't have upper body strength.

Look at this one:

It too says 3-medium, but I'd bet is is quieter than a 3!
Break Barrel, Pumper and Springer Airguns / Re: New Springer
« Last post by Frank in Fairfield on Today at 05:14:57 AM »
Diana 54 will be used.
TX200 can be serviced by you and motorhead in Northern California
I had looked into the Beeman AR2078A Co2 air rifle with what looks like a simple version of target sights. It's a bolt action single shot which is fine for me but I wondered if it was a good Co2 rifle. I think I said I only shoot in my backyard 25 yard target range so the lack of power is not a problem although the Beeman does not come with a noise limiter and they say it's noise level is a 3-medium and I don't know if that's high or not. I like the wood stock and I need to practice with iron sights to try to keep what eyesight I have sharp.
Break Barrel, Pumper and Springer Airguns / Crosman Marlin cowboy
« Last post by Septicdeath on January 25, 2021, 09:08:55 AM »
Crosman Marlin cowboy bb repeater.  Crosman answer to the Red Ryder. Today we examine and shoot it. It averaged 339fps and shoots a nice group at 25 feet

The Garage / Re: My Next Build Has Started
« Last post by Loren on January 25, 2021, 04:56:07 AM »
The router is done, except for dust collection hook up.  I will figure that out once I start making chips. Created some space for it in the shop near the dust collector, so plumbing that will be a little easier when the time comes.

Now to get a good digital stock model created that I can use for a CNC programming.  I got started on the first model yesterday, but lofting the butt portion is kind of kicking my tail.  I think I had a bit of an epiphany this morning though that should help with the lofting.

Hard to believe January is already nearing the end of the month. 
Break Barrel, Pumper and Springer Airguns / New Springer
« Last post by jkingrph on January 24, 2021, 06:24:02 PM »
Looking to get a new springer.   Wanting a bit more power than my old .177 FWB 124 and have been looking at the New Diana 54 Air KIng Pro in .22 or the Air Arms TX200 .  Any opinions/comments, and if needed who can service either in the US?
Welcome aboard!
Welcome from KS.  I have several springers and will get into the PCP camp as soon as I receive my " Cornpop " welfare check.  Looking (my top end) at a FX Maverick or (my low end) a M-Rod.  I too have a 100 yd range right out my back door and use it often.
OFF TOPIC / Re: RIP Mr Home Run
« Last post by Alan on January 23, 2021, 04:48:00 AM »
Yes he was!

The number of old Negro League originals (Hank was an outstanding member of the Indianapolis Clowns) is dwindling as fast as WWII solders. We are all diminished!

Side Story: My mother, like her dad, was a baseball statistic nut! You could ask her about any statistic question, and she knew what it was, and who did it. She once told me that Hank Aaron would become a national treasure. She was right!
That's either a misspell, of a Freudian slip! Either way, it is humorous. Welcome aboard!
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