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Airgun Hunting / Getting work done, and eliminating pests
« Last post by Steelhead on Today at 05:38:12 PM »
I grew tried of tinkering with my old Poulan chainsaw and upgraded to a Stihl. Of course I picked the hottest day of the year to get it/ try it out but any day out of the house and being productive is a good day.

My goal was to get a pickup bed load of wood. I brought along my .25 FX Streamline just in case there were targets of opportunity. There was. I took out my first ground squirrel at about 40 yards. On the way out I encountered a huge flock of Eurasian doves. Some spooked and flew but others chose to perch on the barbed wire fence. I shot the first one and when it feel to the ground the others flew in to investigate. Pop went #2. The others didn't fly. Pop went #3. And so on it went. I ended up shooting 8 birds in under a minute. They were about 30 yards and were oblivious to the danger. The shots were easy and I give full credit to the DonnyFL Tatsu. I believe the birds would've flown on the first shot if not for the addition of the suppressor.

I did not keep any of the birds this time as a) it's boiling hot, and b) most were body shots and the breasts were all tore up. It was nice to forget about the overflowing wood in my truck even if for a few minutes.
Get a PCP. Like the bumper sticker says, 'Eat Mutton. 10,000 coyotes can't be wrong'  ;D

Big bores eat air, regulated pcp's are wicked (a classic Bostonian adjective) accurate, and springers are loud. Not changing any of those soon.
I can nowise everything on my iPhone. What more can you do?
Something like this makes the tool happier.

Still working on UI tweaks for mobile.

Something else on my mind is to improve accessibility for those who are sight impaired. One the largest changes I am chewing on is increasing contrast of text color vs background color. An accessibility tool I used makes recommendations for a more accessible site, and it's flagged the low contrast issues of guild.

The teal text against a gray background is the most offending low contrast item for the site.

Any thoughts? Desires?
Welcome aboard.

Springers don't do well with suppressors as the mechanical bits of the spring etc are quite loud on their own. My RWS 350 Magnum is bloody loud.
Welcome aboard!
Without going to the expense of having the barrel threaded, not much. It is possible, in some cases, to remove the front sight, if any, and have one made to slip over the barrel, and tighten down with a set screw. But...

Nitro-piston airguns, by their very nature, are really loud! Even the ones with built-in suppression are loud. Can't say I have heard a "quiet" one. Then, of course, you have to think about the leverage forces when cocking it with the suppressor attached.
PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / Re: JKhahn .25 cal o-rings
« Last post by steveoh on Today at 11:07:49 AM »
A month or so ago I tried tracking down a comprehensive list of o-rings for my Sumatra Carbine. Someone shared a list with me that had some very incorrect sizes that would not let me reassemble the Sumatra.

So I contacted Pyramyd Air, and Will Piatt. Will confirmed some correct sizes and provided sizes for several way off o-rings. Pyramyd got back to me and also gave me a list. I’ve provided this corrected list on the forum.

The 909s o-ring list is proving to be every bit as elusive, and I do not have a comprehensive and tested list yet. Pyramyd answered my latest request with, we can sell you a set of O-rings for $23.28 or

Steve; We have o-ring kits for the Sam Yang big bores. Is your rifle a single air tube or double air tube (500 cc)?                                                             We can re-build the gun for you, It is a complicated rebuild, It would take 3-6 weeks . An estimate is $125-$165.                                                  You can get a faster turn around on a rebuild with Saddle mountain Gunsmith. 336-657-3306. Mr Will Piatt. He does very good work. Thank You,Mark               

He later attached a link to a labeled parts diagram. Unfortunately that link was to his C: drive. Doh. I’m waiting to hear back.

In the meantime I’m annoyed that it is so difficult to get a simple parts list with correct o-ring sizes. Gonna stop buying new airguns unless I can get parts lists before I buy.
New to air gunning. Have questions about noise suppression already:

I own a Benjamin NT Varmint Rifle, Model BVNK 92SX in .22.   It has a 7/8" OD unthreaded muzzle.

 I am trying to figure out how to attach my home-brew suppressor it to the muzzle.
Any ideas will be appreciated!
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