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So i was reading about the Flex ... It uses a Timney trigger Correct??

Is this the same as the timney that you buy for an AR15? 

Only asking cause if thats the case then i would think that i could use a Geissele DMR  2 stage....

Im really craving the Flex or a Slayer but i think i wanna stick with pellets right now so the flex would def work....   Just curious about the options on the Trigger 

 It uses a Timney calvin elite trigger for the Remington 700 single stage

That is a really nice Trigger.  (i just have a thing for 2 stage triggers ) I see you guys didn't cheap out one bit on this machine....    So its based off the rem 700 thats cool.   Huber Makes a sick 2 stage 700 trigger 8)...


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