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Slug weight, velocity & accuracy


I shot some 55gr Mr. Hp slugs through my WarP today. I was pretty impressed at the 30yrd group. Way different than what I was expecting. Single hole 3 shot group. I stretched to 75yrds & it opened up to a little over an inch.

Im sure this has been covered before, I know barrel twist plays a big role in slug accuracy. The WarP has a 1:26 TJ barrel in it. So my single hole target blew my mind. Did it several times before I took it out to 75. Which with the twist of the barrel I was still kinda impressed with 3 shot group. I’ve shot several different weight slugs before & never had any groups like these. But they was light slugs.

So I’m thinking that the velocity also plays a pretty good role in accuracy also. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m thinking any might have a few lighter slugs left to try this with but with 1:26 maybe slower velocities would make an accuracy difference? Again I’m not the sharpest tool when it comes to these things.

I degassed the gun & I’m gonna turn the reg down & start playing it tomorrow maybe at different velocities & see what happens.

You're correct, and velocity is also a factor. Bob Sterne is the one to ask about this, but for best slug" accuracy, the twist needs to be somewhat faster. Perhaps 1:20? Just a guess on my part.


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