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Marlin cowboy backporch plinking


2010 - 2012

Marlin Cowboy is for shooters who appreciate the nostalgia days of the Wild West and the cowboys shootout. Appearance of Marlin Cowboy is classic design of Lever Action system that resembles the Marlin 1894 rifle.

Stamped, all-metal receiver and a  finished hardwood stock and forearm. The classic looking BB  rifle comes with a front blade sight and an adjustable, rear sight. The reservoir holds up to 700 BBs, It features an engraved logo and blued barrel., "Type: BB spring air rifle.

Manufacturer: Crosman/Sheridan

Model:Marlin Cowboy.

Materials: Mostly metal and wood.

Weight: 2.75 pounds.

Barrel: Smooth bore.

Propulsion: Spring.

Action: Lever action.

Ammunition Type: Steel BBs 4.5mm.

Ammunition Capacity: 700 rounds.

FPS: Up-to 350 this one shoots 339fps average

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull is pretty good, not super light but predictable. ,


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