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Just finished tuning results inside
« on: August 06, 2016, 03:31:32 PM »
Picked up a 1760 pcp convert. Slapped on a .22 disco barrel I had here. Put in one of my light disco hammers and a ssg using a stacked dual spring, ripped apart a 2289 bolt and threaded the hole 8-32 for a handle. Drilled it and inserted a 5/32 drill shank for a wire probe about 1/8th in longer than stock disco probe. Slapped it all together and did some screw tweaking and preload adjusting and ended up with the following.

Start 2000psi end 900
Pellet 14.3 cphp
Shots in 4% 23
Shots in 3% 23
Shots in 2% 18

Here is the 25 shot string from 2k-900
784-794-801-805-806-803-807-812-806-802 first 10
810-811-815-808-817-816-812-803-816-818 second 10
810-800-798-796-781 end.

Figure I got 20 really safe critter getter shots. 
Still haven't figured out the volume of the tube so I can't figure up efficency numbers, but I figure it's well in the 1.75 fpe/cuin range.
Bob you might could help me here lol

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