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Re: HPA compressor survey update 2
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First of all, thanks everyone for submitting your compressor experiences.  We are now up to 274 responses!  Here is some clarification on what you see in the survey results.  This is copy/paste from an email I sent a fellow airgunner...

Hi Chris,

Great questions.  Using this list for an explanation:

Compressor list and hours -

•   Yes, the left most column “#” shows the number of responses for each compressor. 
•   The “Minimum” and “Maximum” numbers are range of hours (lowest and highest) that users submitted for that compressor.
•   The “Count” is the number of submissions for that specific compressor.

So in this screenshot the Yong Heng 110v standard has had users report from 1 hour of use to 200 hours of use and there have been a total of 31 user submissions  which makes it the most reported compressor so it shows up as #1 in the left column. 


Oh, the mean is simply the average number of hours reported for that compressor.   So you can sort by that to see that while the SPA compressor has the MOST hours on it, that was only reported by one person.  The Shoebox early model has had nine submissions and averages 203 hours of use.


I don’t intend to write any summary or final chapter to this.  I really want people to draw their own conclusions from the submitted data.  I figure my needs and how I will use the compressor are different other people’s needs. My “winner” was the Shoebox F10 and I ended up buying one used.  I don’t need to fill often and I liked the low maintenance and reliability.  Speed of filling is low on my list of “needs”.  That’s not true for other folks.

Hopefully this helps!  Please let me know if you have any further questions  :-)


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