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Feeling overwhelmed


Jumped into pcp world not knowing a dang thing about them and now as I read the owners manual I am feeling as though I should have done more research. Don't get me wrong, I am still stoked but not real sure of my abilities to tune this gun. I have read the SSG thread and now I'm really nervous about tuning...

its was a .25 marauder??

Nothing wrong with shooting it as it is out of box most have a decent curve with no changes

Dont even think about touching any adjustments till you own a Chrony or ya will be chasing your tail in the dark

Fill it shoot it enjoy it  ;D

Have a chrony I want this 25 to be a 100 yard gun want to be able to milk it for all I can get lol

I would still shoot as is abit .....50-75 yards is doable on a factory tune with JSB .25

see what that barrel can do b4 getting into changing stuff. You don't need a bunch of high dollar parts to have fun and make it shoot

my .25 Marauder is wearing a 500 cc bottle now but i am quite satisfied with a 42FPE tune

I get a bunch of shots on a fill at that level of power

Doug designed parts tube and adapter....very well balanced better than the copies  of viewpoint

First shoot the gun as is with a number of pellet types - shoot at 50 yrds for accuracy to see which pellets perform well with the gun as is.

You should chrono these and record starting/ending pressures etc. so you have a good baseline.
(I also record pressure every 4 or 5 shots too so I know where the sweet spot happens)

Mine really liked the 27.8 gr Benji (domes and HP) and the 31 gr Kodiak match the best.
I got very good groups out to 75 yrds.

After getting a baseline I started playing - following the ATeam tuning guide:

See my post:

My goal is good groups at 100+ yrds too - I am still working on that... but 75 yrds is easy to do.


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