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Daisy 300 Ted Williams backporch plinking

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There is not alot of information about this Daisy model to be found.

Daisy Heddon Co2 model 300 that was made in 1969-1973 for Ted Williams and sold by Sears. it is based off the Daisy 200 pistol. is a true semi-auto

.177  Smooth Bore bb
CO2 12 g
37 3/4 inch length
3.5 lbs
12mm dovetail scope rail
manual safety
100 round capacity
5 rounds loaded

Today I I shoot it at 30 feet at paper for this episode of backporch plinking. ,

Is Heddon the fishing lure maker?


--- Quote from: steveoh on September 18, 2021, 06:49:22 PM ---Is Heddon the fishing lure maker?

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure

Same family name and business. I had no idea. Evidently the Heddon fishing tackle business was sold in the 50’s.

Interesting that they also had an Airgun business or partnership with Daisy.

--- Quote --- The Heddon Company was founded in 1902 to sell the lures, originally made by hand in the Heddon family kitchen in Dowagiac, Michigan. By 1904 they had a sales distributor in Canada and a new factory in Dowagiac. By 1950 the Heddon brand name was well known. In their growth years, the company also made rods, reels and other peripheral fishing gear.

Citing increased competition and wanting to quit during a profitable time, the Heddon family sold their business to the Murchinson family in 1955. Since then the company has been sold multiple times, finally ending up as part of EBSCO Industries. Many of the company's original lures are still made by EBSCO under their original names, though the list below shows the original run of the named lures in the company's catalog. Many of these lures have been resurrected by later owners, and are still made, such as the "Lucky 13", the "Zara Spook", the "Meadow Mouse" and the "River Runt" all of which remain popular with fisherman more than a century after their introduction. As proof of their popularity, many Heddon lures were copied by other firms with some subtle changes to avoid legal conflict.
--- End quote ---

One of my very favorite fishing lures I’ve used over the decades was the Heddon Sonic and Super Sonic. They have been out of production for a long time, according to the EBSCO people, due to worn out molds.

I may clone these things for myself one day. Surely the patent is long expired.  8)

I'm going to ruin your day, Steve.

Several years ago, I cleaned out the various "stuff" I had accumulated from the sporting goods store stock. Most of what I garnered were fishing lures, and basic odds and ends. Heddon, Horrocks-Ibbotson, Shakespeare, Eagle leaders, and God knows how many fishhooks, were part of the whole. No one wanted these things, as most were about 60 year-old crap. I had amassed a rather large box full, and just for fun I put that box of stuff in the mail to my stepson. He put it on line with a photo or two depicting what was in the box. Someone saw the photos, and ask about one specific lure. Yes, it was a Heddon Sonic. Whom ever bought it, gave $150 for the box, just to get that one lure!

I remember the Sonic, but to be honest, I don't think I ever fished with one.


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