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Title: Best barrels for accuracy
Post by: d_boom on February 09, 2019, 09:06:25 AM
As far as I know there are two methods utilized in manufacture of air gun barrels, hammer forged and button rifled.
Sorry, I left out FX's smooth twist where if I understand correctly the rifling is squeezed from the od into to bore.
There are several other methods of barrel manufacture but are used for powder burners.  My question which is the
better method, or produces most accurate barrel?  Some of the barrel makers for guns air-gauge their diameter holding
the bore to .0001" tolerances. 
Title: Re: Best barrels for accuracy
Post by: Gerard on February 09, 2019, 04:25:25 PM
While I'm not a huge fan of his videos in general, Matt Dubber's experience over the past couple of years combined with his placing so high, so consistently in the ranking at Extreme Benchrest events, makes for a very meaningful lesson. For several years he swore by the FX Smooth Twist barrels for target shooting and his regular work controlling farm pests all over South Africa, often shooting well beyond 100 metres at smaller birds. But over the past few months he's been showing a giant leap in accuracy with the new Smooth Twist X barrels. He describes it as night and day at longer ranges, and especially when shooting slugs.

I've not had an opportunity to shoot anything so fancy, but I did put a choked LW .22" barrel into my QB78D recently and am finding accuracy has improved considerably... though I've yet to find the time to get out and do a proper trial at 100 metres. With the re-crowned QB barrel I'd been using I was lucky to hit a pop can at 67 metres (almost 75 yards) for 1 out of 3 shots, the furthest distance I have to shoot near home. With the LW barrel it's easy.

Seems from that direct experience and from what a lot of others have said over the years about Lothar Walther barrels, and from my own 4 shots with a Leshiy last fall which didn't seem to let me miss a small reactive target at 50 metres from standing (Edgun uses LW barrels), there's nothing wrong with using an LW. But from Dubber and a couple of other commentators, it looks like the FX Smooth Twist X is in a category all its own. Ted concurs, and his shooting skill and experience with longer range pest control are beyond question.
Title: Re: Best barrels for accuracy
Post by: d_boom on February 13, 2019, 05:30:59 AM
When shooting powder burners with cast bullets it is important to fit the diameter of the cast bullet to the
rifle's bore diameter, too small diameter can be bad unless the bullet upsets.  Shooting pellets in air guns the
head diameter is important to achieve accuracy, pellets must fit the bore.  Barrels which shoot well in airguns
must have proper bore and groove diameters.  What I want to know is; the bore & groove sizes for these "Best
Barrels" also what are the twist rate?  Crosman, I read, has improved their barrel manufacture by first reaming
the tubing used in their barrel manufacturing.  Are Crosman's barrels then buttoned riffled after reaming?  In my
experience shooting Crosman barrels one needs the larger head diameter pellets to achieve accuracy.