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Artemis M16 Alpha .22 Rifle Problem

Started by maddoghutty, November 03, 2021, 03:25:39 PM

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Hi Bob and too everyone on the forum, i noticed my artmis m16 alpha .22 UK 12 FTLBS had dropped consistency where it was extremly consistent before with a high of 8fps through a shot string, so i ran it over the chronograph and it was shooting all over the place going from 11.5ftlbs upto 20ftlbs. For a regulated Uk rifle i dont think this should be happening. So i could really do with some help to rebuild the regulator on my artemis m16alpha or atleast any other troubleshooting methods which might be causing this issue and would be able to fix. So any help on the forum would be most welcome or if you can run me a step by step solution to fix this this problem which i could follow would be most welcome. As i am currently out of work, and the last rifle i sent in to be retuned cost me £120 which at present i dont have. With me been out of work and been a fulltime carer for my ill father, my rifle is the only break time to myself i have but with this problem are now unable to use due to it been unconsitent and going over the UK legal limit i will only run it over the chrony to try and fix untill this remedied . So i could really do with your help guys to get this problem fixed thankyou.