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Anyone playing with 3D printers


 I have bought a few models and now playing with my Robo3dR1 and really like it. Making all kinds of stuff like baffles and depingers etc. Anyway if anyone is doing it share some of your stuff.

Sort-of on the same subject... I think it is possible to print a whole shroud save for the threaded portion(s). And since I have access to a commercial one, I might just try.

that would take a huge print bed! Way bigger than mine thats for sure.

I really don't know the actual platen size, but currently they're using it to print prototype casting molds. Some of these molds are as large a 3 foot square, so I'm sure it can do a shroud, muffler, or whatever we choose to call them.

At SEMA Last year they Printed a Car during the show and drove it on the last day. 

Oppss 2 years ago.  Showing my age.

All you need is a X Y Z Table and GCode to control it and a medium to print with.  NASA was so impressed they sent one to the space station so that they could design parts and manufacture them in space.

Enjoy.  The longer I live the closer to Star Trek I get.  Got my communicator, says Motorola, and My Phaser says Flex!  Well it will one day.


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