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Texan .50 cal Question

Started by rsterne, April 15, 2022, 08:41:33 PM

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I would like to draw up a slug for the .50 cal Texan for NOE, and I need the following information....

What are the land and groove diameters of the barrel?

What is the twist rate?

What weight/length slugs shoot well and in a good velocity range?

Does the .50 cal have the same short chamber/leade as the other Texans, where a groove diameter slug will not chamber with a firm push from your thumb?....

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My Texan is narrowest at the muzzle (choked?) and a digital micrometer says .5103" at the widest.
The rifling marks are so narrow i'll have to switch to a digital caliber (@.510" at the widest) measures .504" at the rifling.

With my juryrigged cleaning rod i measured 885mm-155mm = 730mm ~28.75"
I think i might have read 1:26" somewhere so should we go with that?
Well i did the tight patch in the bore several times and each time came in around 28.75" +- a smidgen.

I have shot round balls, they are fine within 50m~55yds
The best i have shot is the Lee 515-450 sized to .512" (all i have) and greased in the bottom grove. They will go into one ragged hole at 50m~55yds all day long as long as i shoot tethered at 250bar~3625psi.
I have also shot the Lee 515-500 sized to .512" and it scattered more at close range.

I think the culprit is the bottle at the end of the frame acting as shoulder stock, the frame would/will flex like crazy and induce inacurracy.

Somewhere around .308" is all it accepts.

A guy at AGN shoots an Accurate 625grain slug with fine results.


All (5 shots each) shot at 50m~55yds, tethered at 250bar~3625psi.