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Started by ncrary, April 28, 2016, 09:25:54 AM

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Got a used Mrod in .22 a couple months ago.  Used to shoot a Trail NP but the critters started catching on and the ranges started getting beyond what I could do with the NP.  Love the Mrod.  Shooting critters out to 50 yds with no problem.  Been on the Marauder and the GTA forums and stumbled onto this one a couple days ago.  Nothing like joining too many forums, as if I don't spend too much time on the 'puter as is.

Bought a Tiger Shark setup from Joe.  Got my sights set on a BSA R10 now.  I absolutely love all I have read and seen on that gun.  I used to be an avid shooter, .223 and .45 ACP, but now I am liking being able to shoot in the backyard without having to pack up all my stuff and travel to the range 20 miles away.  I have been amazed at the potential of the ariguns being made now.  It is a whole new world.
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 Ow youll be a PCP addict for sure now. Welcome to The Guild and to others also addicted to Pellet shooters


greetings and welcome to our addiction

Crotchety geezer

Welcome aboard. Always nice to hook another into the tangled web of PCPs


Welcome and PCP's are very addictive.

Joe the P-Dawg Slayer!!!!!


Welcome fellow Washingtonian and like all others have said your addiction is only starting.
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Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!  It is a Dark Fun Trip!!  I love going out in the Backyard and having a hour of fun, whenever I get a chance!

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