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Title: Longest Distance Ever Shot (Air)-1108 yds-257-Video
Post by: rifle 50 on December 24, 2016, 07:04:42 PM
Hi all,

Distance quest has finished. In my raked area the misses are even  difficult to see unless impact is in FINE DIRT and CAN see dust. If in the pebbles can't see where. Apologies for video first half not sharp focus. I stopped and took a 20 min break and went down and turned camera back on. It focused better that time . Also this was when CALIFORNIA was on fire and smoke filled the valley and can see in  video even. I tried this distance before days earlier and could see impact zone with naked eye, but scope magnified/compressed the air particles and did NOT see IMPACTS. So tried this day.

Bullets compressed almost all the way on impact. 

In STILL PICS below, I tear target off steel plate and see the 12 impacts, left top a WEAK 13th strike but impacted dirt and skipped in.......You can see 12 impacts well with target peeled off.........THE ORANGE PASTER, 6" with impacts in center were from 540 yds another day. I just put pistol target over and they were NOT SHOT AT 1108 yds.

Steel Plate is 39" wide........Image of me with plate and tripod/flag were single FRAME captures out of VIDEO i had. Gives perspective.....

Include pics of gun angle after shooting and the incline of scope rail....298 moa..  Was a fun adventure getting there but am done with the .257 for DISTANCE, It will travel further but not for any practical purpose but to say it was done ???.......Will now in 2017 TRY the same with the .45 TEXAN.  I have it NOW able to go 1000 yds and not finished  with what I have planned. Only have shot it 225 yds testing but all ballistic computer info says it will do the same as the .257 and that surprised me....Not as it came in BOX but WILL NOW 8) All wet and muddy here now and will soon be playing out to 600 yds. Further will have to be dried out to find the dusty impacts for precise elevation.

Constructive/Informative comments WELCOME ;D

Title: Re: Longest Distance Ever Shot (Air)-1108 yds-257-Video
Post by: oldpro on July 23, 2017, 11:44:25 AM
 Carl can you tell us a little about your gun build and do you use a spotter?
Title: Re: Longest Distance Ever Shot (Air)-1108 yds-257-Video
Post by: rifle 50 on July 23, 2017, 08:09:09 PM
Carl can you tell us a little about your gun build and do you use a spotter?

When I did the 1065 yd video in 2015 my friend was in the pits at 1000 yds. He with binoculars checking the steel plate 65 yds up the hillside and radioed back to me. I tried this ONCE as he has been with me at little shorter distance video's and you CAN'T see impacts on plate.  I have for my 1000 yd F-Class matches Premium 20x60x80 Spotting scope and can only see misses of impacts in the raked area with DUST. This i can see with my 32x Rifle scope. About 600 yds is max to see impacts on white surface and when MIRAGE IS UP, it becomes impossible even then. Anyone thinking this far with and airgun IS EASY hasn't done it.........So  no I don't use a spotter. Friend at side with Spotting Scope as he enjoys watching it and competes long range with Powder sees the dust of misses as I do in scope. If NO DUST FLY'S, I assume I hit steel> This isn't always true either as when dust is gone and only fine grained pebbles are left, when I see video I see a miss sometimes that just burrowed into pebbles and from long distance, didn't pick up in scope, and especially if mirage is building. 

Gun was built to do what I did and that is SHOOT FROM BENCH. I quit killing animals almost 50 yrs ago as I used to kill anything that moved......Now just paper and get my meat at the store. ;D

Bought Condor Frame Only from AirForce, which included trigger group. Valve is Doug Noble .257 and his hammer of 120 or 125 gram as I have 2? 9.4# spring. Maddog Benchrest stock. I have 2 premium barrels,. PacNor, Bartlein, received in 34" long, Straight Cylinder. Gunsmith cut/turned down to fit hammer,spring, breach. Barrel left full max diam to fit into frame till step down for hammer/spring, than another step for breach. No bushings as necessary dimples in barrel for screw bolts to hold bbl. I have a chineese CF 4350 psi tank but use around 3500 psi for heavier bullets IE 85, 92 gr....Have external regulator and always shoot tethered.....

Have the AOA SUPER SEAR in trigger group and that lightened pull to 1# or less and is pretty decent. Have a digital pull gauge but just guessed, as my Match Rimfire is 1 oz as removed the 2 oz Jewell ;D Also removed the AUTO SAFETY feature as I hated every cock, set safety on........Run manually if needed now.

The 1108 yd distance was with the Bartlein bbl. I had shot the PacNor to 1000 yds and when Bartlein was ready soon after, installed it and haven't shot either .257 since close to a year now. Been working out Texan ...

Pretty much it I think, as been so long time ago since I shot which was August 2016. Didn't post till end of year??