Author Topic: Umarex Gauntlet: Quieting the Bark Silencer (Video)  (Read 853 times)


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Umarex Gauntlet: Quieting the Bark Silencer (Video)
« on: January 13, 2018, 03:57:08 PM »
Hey Hey Hey Shooter guys and gals!

I have yet another video in my Gauntlet series for ya'll to check out. This time we talk about quieting down the bark of the Gauntlet. I share with you the concept of the cone-stack baffle suppressor and I demonstrate my 5 piece cone stack and how much more efficient it is at reducing sound and pressure.

The five (5) piece stackable baffle set is designed as a direct replacement to the Gauntlets one piece torpedo design. The multi-stack interlocking cones create chambers that disrupt and slow the air, stripping it away from the projectile path and forced to buffet through a series of pathways.

The air is forced to go through this process five times. The sole object is to pull the kinetic energy out of the air so that by the time it reaches the end of the shroud, it's atmospheric disturbance is far less, thus reducing the amount of noise and turbulence of the air that exits the shroud.

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If you're interested in a set, all the purchase info is in the YouTube description or hit me up with a PM.

​Thanks for your time!
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