Author Topic: Wicked Air Rifles' New Suppressor  (Read 291 times)


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Wicked Air Rifles' New Suppressor
« on: December 23, 2018, 01:51:35 PM »
I have had a WAR Cobra for a few years now, and have really enjoyed it. Probably the best feature is the suburb Timney trigger. One of the least favorite features has been the suppressor. It was designed so you could remove the baffles, and slide the housing back over the barrel shroud, thus shortening the airgun's overall length by about 6 inches. Taking it apart wasn't difficult. It did require a few minutes to remove the baffles, and slide the tube back over the barrel shroud. If you wanted to clean the barrel, you had to remove the barrel tensioning nut. That was never an easy task, making barrel removal and cleaning just that much more difficult. This issue has recently been solved.

WAR now has available, a new suppressor (≈$150 plus shipping) which screws on like everyone else's. The barrel tensioning nut has wrench flats, making removal rather easy. If there is a drawback, the overall length of the airgun increases a couple of inches. You get back about 90% of that increase, by just unscrewing the suppressor. Also, there is less of a chance to lose a baffle in the process. But, there is another advantage.

The old suppressor has three baffles. Whatever the material used, they are rather delicate, and could be damaged by rough handling. The new suppressor has five baffles, which appear to be made of a clear acrylic, and not near as flimsy. Having five baffles does make the airgun quieter. Although I haven't measured the difference, it is noticeable in the field. Incidentally, the suppressor and barrel nut assembly, is 7.25 inches long.

One thing to remember about changing barrel tension and/or changing suppressors—there can be a large change in the POI. To be safe, the airgun should be relighted in, just to make sure!

The bottom line is... Was it worth the monies. In my case, I believe it is.

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