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T06 trigger adjustment
« on: February 25, 2018, 03:41:57 PM »
I have had several Diana / RWS rifles with T-06 triggers (34, 350, 48), but today I finally played with the trigger adjustments on one  (d48).  While i have been happy with the standard t06 triggers, I now have a FX Royale and after getting used to that trigger, I wanted a more clean break on the 2nd stage.   :o

I got what I wanted by backing out both forward screws quite a bit.  Right now the 1st stage is quite long and light.  The 2nd stage is shorter and more crisp than what it was originally.   Check out where the 2nd stage is now:

1st stage:

2nd stage:

Interestingly, I found some my POI as I changed the trigger adjustment. As the 1st stage got longer, the POI moved lower...  Not a big deal, but surprising none the less...

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