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Title: My first BKL260-D7 thread pull out .....and repair methods
Post by: critter on May 18, 2016, 03:42:16 PM
using a good torque wrench only going to 30 inch pound not the BKL recommended 35 I finally pulled the threads on a screw.

Sized drill for 90% thread engagement and retapped to 10-32 and made sure the screws are 3 threads out the other side of the mount.

I suspect the lead on the end of the factory 8-32 screws skips about 3 turns of thread engagement if screw appears to reach all the way thru mount.

went to local fastener company and told him no receipt once again bill was $6 bought

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socket heads 10-32  7/8 long 24 each 

socket heads 8-32 3/4 long 24 each

socket heads 5mm x .8 x 30mm 15 each for RWS lockdown 7 clmp screw mods

9 each  M5 flat washer for forearm screw pockets on break barrels

6 each M3 x .5 pitch x 16MM long set screws to make bearing points on and use for more adjustment on RWS T06 triggers

Great deal  for all that at 6 bucks the guy know its for a hobby and dont like looking it all up like for businesses


anyways  my next idea to repair BKL mounts 1/2 wide x 1/8 thick x 4 inch long steel plate drill 6 holes tap to 10-32 use as nut plate on back side if the 10 -32 strip out....I know 35 inch pound wont pull threads out of steel ....can't try idea as the 10-32 threads are still in there

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screw purposely longer to allow nut plate later if needed

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Anybody have a hopelessly stripped out BKL260 mount they will donate to experimentation??

what ya think??