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My 6000psi Nitrogen tank costs me $100 a year to lease the tank, and $60 for a refill.

A tank lasts me for a year, and that is a lot of shooting, so total cost is $160 a year.

Only draw back is once it is under 4500psi you don't get a full fill on the 4500psi carbon fiber tank. but still lots of shooting left.

But it sure is nice to always have Nitrogen, and only have to refill once a year. I keep the tank strapped to a beam in the garage.

It is very heavy when it is time to take it in for an exchange. I imagine I could have the exchange delivered, need to look into what they charge for that.

Jim - jhm757


That doesn't tell me how long it will last for me.  I need a hard number of refills you can get.  If you refill your 4500 psi tank once a month and I refill once a week, or maybe twice when I am out squirreling, then the nitrogen tank will not last as long for me.  So, with $130 refills here, I need to know how many times a year I would be refilling.  If the cost warrants it, I will get a compressor.

I have a Guppy and never have kept track of how many fills I get, so sorry not much help there.

If this helps I shoot about 2400 pellets a year, based on my order history from PA.

Jim - jhm757