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New scope features
« on: June 05, 2019, 12:07:15 PM »
Steve started this topic: Readers might want to read how I answered CanI, about which X-Sight 4K I would buy.

Electronics being what they are, it isn't rocket science to build in extra features as long as the processor has enough memory space. The X-Sight 4K apparently has enough, but in comparison it appears the Burris Eliminator III doesn't. I base this on the fact they have at least two versions—high and low velocity. Unfortunately, the low velocity version eliminates "pellet" guns, but might include a few of the more powerful slug guns. So what isn't I want?

I laser the range on most of my shots past about 60 yards or so. Under this, I'm easily within the kill zone of a pigeon. Beyond 60 yards, I want to make sure I am in the kill zone, as that area gets rather small, especially past 100 yards (I typically don't try shots past about 120, but have a few past 150). I would be nice if I had a version of the Burris Eliminator III (or similar), where I didn't have to pull out the laser rangefinder to check the distance. Having the aiming point moved would be nice too, but not that necessary as long as I have MIL dots to rely on.

One could say there are a lot of rifle scopes out there with built in laser rangefinders. A lot really isn't factual. All I can find is about four different ones. All have almost identical issues for air gunners. First (as pointed out in my response) is the minimum parallax (more on this in a moment) which is 100 yards. The other is the minimum measurable distance. That is typically 50 yards, but may be more. There is a technical reason why, but I won't go into that here.

Parallax adjustment is a way of life for airgun hunters. But one of the problems with adjustable parallax has to do with the fact the laser "fires" through the objective lens. Zeiss gets around this as their laser is outside the scope tube, but the receiver is inside. Its nearly $4,000 price tag places it outside 98% of the hunters, no matter the gun used!

All in all, this makes the ATN, X-Sight 4K an attractive alternative, even if the rangefinder isn't "built in" (rides on top). But you're still looking at about $1,200, and some 3 pounds of scope and rangefinder.

Hummm. I'm still contemplating.

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