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Thats just awesome!!!!


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--- Quote from: rsterne on March 06, 2016, 06:31:31 PM ---Too DANG simple.... Why didn't I think of that.... I wonder if it will work in the shade.... I often shoot in a clearing, surrounded by trees, on the north side of a hill.... When I shoot there, I never use the skyscreens....

The rest of the time, I use my indoor light kit all the time (even outside), and I covered the sides, between the rods, with black plastic to prevent stray light from entering.... and I have a Lexan shield in front of the display.... 


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use translucent plastic and put a light UNDER it....? I think I may try that.

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No, the sunlight reflects off of the white Plexiglas putting off an ambient light instead of the harsh direct sunlight.

Kind of like photography when using white umbrellas to bounce the light around to diffuse it.

Bob La Londe:
I know I may catch some flack for this, but I had a Chrony for a while and I hated it.  Even under the most ideal circumstances I had to keep the flight path just above the censors to get consistent readings.  Needless to say I shot it.  Multiple times.  I also clipped the wires that stick up more than once and had to splice them.  It finally failed.  "Finally" may imply it took a while, but really it didn't.  A few months maybe at most.  I tried to contact Chrony a couple times over the time I owned it, but never got a response.  No I didn't call.  Maybe that's the problem, but its not the first time I had a Chrony or the first time I got no response from them.  Previously a friend had given me one with no rods or shades.  I wanted to buy new rods and shades, but never did get any response to that.  I finally threw it away because I didn't know if it worked or not.  It certainly didn't work for me. 

Then I finally found a fix for it.  I lifted the sun shades off, slid a ProChrono underneath them, and then threw the Chrony shades away.  The first time I shot it I knew it worked better.  It arrived late in the day and the shadows were long by the time I walked it outside for a round.  I didn't expect it to work because my Chrony never worked once the shadows got that long.  It did.  In fact almost at any height above the censors it worked.  It continued to work adequately until the sun was almost completely down.  I have not used it indoors as my shop is completely lighted by multiple 8' flourescent fixtures, and I have pretty long days here.  Even in the winter I have enough sunlight to shoot a little in the afternoon. 

Multiple shot strings.  Onboard calculations.  Port for PC connection if I want to mess with it.  Decent price.  I don't know about customer service, because I haven't needed any.  I'll never go back. 

I am sure that the Chrony works great for many people, and I have been talked down to in the past for buying an import product, but it works for me and I did buy the domestic product first. 

Ive killed 3 chronographs but since I now use a caldwell pro kit no need to shoot close to the windows all is good. sounds like yours works well also thats great no more chrono kills.


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