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Stayed tuned!

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In the very near future, we'll have another Give-Air-Way. Call it a tuning special! I won't give away the farm, and tell you what's in the package, but you will be surprised! Just remember to read the contest rules, before you enter your guess. One of those rules, is that you must have already posted 25 legitimate posts. So if you're not there yet, you still have a chance to catch up.

Oh Oh! I see a mistake I missed! This will NOT BE a thing special. It is a HUNTING special! Again, I won't give it away, but about the only thing you'll need is...

You're a tease Alan.  ;D

It's squirrel season in IL now, bring on the hunt!!

Okay, here is the deal... Sort of!

The package includes a few things every airgun hunter would need. The combined price is about $350, but it isn't the price you'll have to guess. Rather, it is the items themselves—EXACTLY. To make this fair, I have a few new rules (for this time only). Once I get those finalized, I will post them, and open the Give-Air-Way.

As I said, stay tuned!

"A bag full of good luck!!! "

Close, but no cigar!


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