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Thirteen days from today (4/15/18), I will run the random number generator, and select a owner for the giveaway. If you're a newbie here on the Guild, then you might want to check how many posts you need to quality (you need 25). Just add a few posts for the heck of it, won't qualify for obvious reasons. So get a bit more active, and who knows what will happen!

Now there is one minor issue. The Fortitude will not be available until June, or so says Pyramyd air, from whom I PURCHASED the gun. If the winner doesn't wish to wait, another brand can be selected at the same price level, but I retain the final say so yeah or nay. Of course, the magazines won't fit (unless it is a Crosman .22), but everything else will still go with the choice (pellets and scope).

Below are the guesses I have so far. Please check yours to make sure they're correct.

Good luck to all.

I guessed $300.00 in reply #13, on 2/16/18, not on spreadsheet that I can see.

Good luck to all who entered.


Mobilemail, you are the one listed as U/K, and I have so noted your guess, and corrected the list. Sorry about that.


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