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Night Vision Adapter

Started by Alan, March 15, 2022, 04:57:53 AM

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Vector Air in England, sells an add-on night vision adapter, with a trade name of NightVisor. I reached out to the manufacturer, and was told they're coming to the USA very soon. 

I became interested in this device, after seeing it on Andy's Airgun Review. There are others like it out there, including a similar one made by Pard. However, this one seems to have the best attributes, overall.

One thing about add-ons, is everything remains the same (scope settings, etc.). The adapter can be R&R without any fussing around, even in the field. The US price will be around $450.

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I have a Hill EC-3000 compressor. If you're a fellow Guild member, and you pass through Roswell, NM, I'll fill your tank as a courtesy (4,250 PSI limit).