It is the start of Summer vacations, and for many, planting season too. But that doesn't mean you can't shoot your airgun! And you'd best, unless you want to lose your touch for the Fall hunting seasons, which will be upon us before we know it!

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AirForce Texan LSS

Started by steveoh, January 19, 2019, 01:36:09 PM

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QuoteAirForce Airguns is announcing a new member of the Texan family of big bore air rifles for 2019, the TexanLSS.

The TexanLSS combines the power of the original Texan with the sound suppression technology featured on the integrally suppressed Texan SS.

AirForce says that the LSS sound reduction system will be available as a complete rifle as well as an upgrade kit for existing Texan non-suppressed Texan rifles.
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I saw your text today about this. Not to be cynical, but I'm wondering if this device is applicable when using an after market stock? Granted I haven't read the ins and outs about it, but that was the first thing I thought of.
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