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What I have been up to along with video.

Started by Crosman999, April 26, 2017, 10:08:45 PM

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Hey all, been ridiculously busy and apologize for not posting as often as I should. I have really been busy with regular work and outside "Airgun" related projects that have put a damper on my time spent on the forums. Last week I left work early and took Marley out for a hunt where we were able to try out her new GoPro camera.( ) The past several months I have been trying to build my YouTube channel in hopes to bring hunting with Airguns into the light and get more people interested. Some of the videos I have planned are part of what I call an "Adventure Series" where we go on long hunts over several days and try documenting them as best we can. These videos take a good amount of time to film and in some ways has been very frustrating as the past few trips have been cut short due to weather conditions and other formalities. Friday I will be leaving and fortunately will be meeting up with a newcomer to our sport that has just bought his first Airgun, a .25 Marauder. Very cool to see him so excited about getting out in the field and doing some hunting with his new rifle. That's just a little of what I have been up to and hope to report back soon.  ;D
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