With the coming of Summer, hunting possibilities change, typically for the better. Prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and gophers are all fair game. And so are pigeons, Eurasian doves, and house sparrows. Oh goody!

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General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: Xisico B5-10
Last post by Alan - Today at 03:34:23 PM
Interesting pistol/carbine.
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Xisico B5-10
Last post by Septicdeath - Today at 02:19:37 PM
Xisico Hercules B5-10
???? to 2008

The Xisico B5-10 is the QB equivalent to the Crosman 1377. Very solidly built with a good functional design.
It is all metal except for wood grips and plastic pump handle. There is transparent plastic pellet magazine window 10 pellets can be loaded.
This gun is sturdy and solid, not flimsy like the 1377. It is about 5.5 inches longer than the 1377 and about 50%heavier. It has a 15-1/4", 14mm OD rifled barrel.

Pellets are gravity fed into a manually operated slide breech. To load a pellet: point the gun down, press the spring-loaded slide breech, a pellet slides into the breech and returns to line up with the barrel on release. The pellet feed system prefers short pellets. Wadcutter pellets work the best.

.177 multi pump pneumatic
7 pumps maximum
10 pellet feed system
Slide safety
Hooded front sight
Adjustable rear sight
15.5 inch 14mm OD rifled barrel
20.5 inch shock closed 30 inches extended
4 pumps averaged 490fps
7 pumps averaged 613fps
Airgun Hunting / Re: Bonus Squirrel When doing ...
Last post by Alan - Today at 09:47:32 AM
I'm going to have to buy a scope camera! This morning, I dropped an Eurasian dove sitting on a HV wire, at a laser measured 164 yards. The wind was about 11 mph, from the NNW. With the shot at about 190°, I held just to the right of his body, and a bit lower for the wind push. I think I was as surprised as he was. The hit was good, as it fell to the ground and never moved thereafter. Just once in a while, all of us get a lucky shot. I just wish I could do that every time!
I don't remember the percentage of batteries that are recycles today, but it is around 95%. Of more interest to me, is the amount of depleted uranium we used during the Gulf wars. At .66 pounds per shell, and 6,000 plus rounds per minute, one can only guess!
Airgun Hunting / Re: Bonus Squirrel When doing ...
Last post by steveoh - Today at 07:37:40 AM
You have that Impact dialed in!

Sitting on the porch in a comfy chair and poking holes in ground squirrels at distance is my idea of fun!
There's the lead in gas. Lead in paint. Lead pipes remain in old houses. Abandoned heavily polluting silver, lead, mercury and other heavy metal mines from sea to shining sea. Military bases with firing ranges and toxic dumps long closed down but never cleaned up. There was a pretty huge Civil War that spewed lead all over the Southern States. There's lead acid batteries that were used to power buoy lights in the waters of this country that when replaced used to be dumped right smack damn there.

A feller could drone on for hours with examples of how uncaring humans and unregulated greedy industry have polluted throughout history.

So I kind of get it. Kind of.

I was at the hardware store yesterday, and I spied a leather measuring tape holder with belt loops. It was a bit big, but I know you can buy these to fit smaller tapes. I'm still looking.

Multiple magazines are a must for me this time of year. All told, I do my best to cover almost 500 pecan trees in six orchards. Thankfully, they're all very close to one another. Besides the squirrel population damage, raccoons often climb the trees to eat the nut embryos because they're sweet tasting. If I go just as the sun comes up, I can usually get one or two per week. I call them hawk food!
Airgun Hunting / Re: Bonus Squirrel When doing ...
Last post by Alan - Today at 04:22:59 AM
So far, I haven't dropped either of my Impacts, but I sure have come close! I too got a squirrel yesterday, but he wasn't any more than 15 feet from the muzzle. The damage was almost unbelievable complete with red mist! 
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: Precise Minuteman
Last post by Alan - Today at 04:18:50 AM
Interesting break barrel. With such a short barrel, I suspect the variations due to a loose hinge are minimized. I couldn't tell if it uses some sort of barrel centering device, like some of the UMAREX models do.
Airgun Hunting / Bonus Squirrel When doing Chro...
Last post by Steelhead - May 17, 2022, 04:39:31 PM
I was running a few slugs through the FX to get some numbers for Alan, and I saw a squirrel pop up in the creek bed to see what all of the hubbub was about. I literally had ONE slug left in my clip, so I drop the bipod on the deck rail, put in my usual holdover for that spot, and smoked him dead. I watched the slug drop in (that spot is around 160 yards out), punch through the squirrel, and make a dust cloud behind him from the pass through. He dropped and made a couple of tail twitches but other than it stoned him. I Don't know where the slug hit, but I wasn't going to touch it to find out.

By the way, my MKII rolled off of the hood of a truck a week or so ago. I walked away from it and a gust of wind did the deed. No noticeable damage except for some scratches on the Eagle magazine. It survived the fall without needing any scope adjustments either. Impressive.