It is the start of Summer vacations, and for many, planting season too. But that doesn't mean you can't shoot your airgun! And you'd best, unless you want to lose your touch for the Fall hunting seasons, which will be upon us before we know it!

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5 Shots in a Dime Challenge

Started by rsterne, May 07, 2016, 09:00:21 AM

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Congratulations, Dairyboy on being the first on the Guild to accept and complete the "5 shots in a Dime Challenge".... WELL DONE !!!

Happy now, Bob?....  ::)

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Geez guys, cut Bob some slack. I know Dairy was not giving him crap, but some of ya all should have read the first post before chiming in. Iffen ya didn't like the post it would have taken 2 seconds  to scroll past it.


Lol it's really not a big deal I didn't do it by the rules he was in the right by pointing that out. My plan was just to see if I could, not for real and to my surprise i did. If I could do it once I can do it again on the challenge paper and no other holes. And I do plan on doing it for real but just might not be for alittle while 20* and wind sucks and snow on the way.
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This an old thread, but I'm wondering if anyone here has taken Bob's Challenge of Re: 5 Shots in a Dime Challenge?

I have to head to the range or Kevin's to stretch out to 50 yards and beyond, otherwise I'd be practicing in my backyard. I think the Sumatra is up to the task.
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One or two is easy.... I still haven't managed 5 in a row....  :-[

Good luck to you....  8)

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your challenge is the same as a 250-25x at 50yd on a USARB & WRABF 50 yd target
and i don't know anybody who has done it
but the Rimfire shooters have done it

edited to add the 25x
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Hey, Dick.... thanks for posting that target.... I have NO doubt that some of the best rimfire shooters have accomplished this challenge.... it is after all, over a decade old now.... However, when I first read about it, very few had done it then, and I thought it might be fun to challenge those airgun shooters who, like the rimfire guys the original challenge was aimed at, claim "I can put 5 in a dime all day long at 50 yards".... Well, all I'm saying is "prove it"....  ;)

When searching for others who responded to the various "5 in a dime, five times" threads on the forums I frequent, I did find one other.... Mike Niksch, who makes the Thomas Benchrest rifles, managed it in 2015.... Reply #58....

My apologies to Mike for not including him in the three who have successfully posted targets that pass the "challenge"....  8)


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Though I've not spent time on it lately, I'm working on this challenge too, Bob. I'm almost certain that I have two rimfire rifles that would do the trick for me--a Ruger 10/22 with a Federsen bull barrel (groups shrank to under half the original barrel's group sizes) and a stock Savage 93R17 (17HMR), but I'm pursuing the dime challenge with my .177 Walther LGV break barrel.

These are long shots for a .177 when it's windy (at all) and it seems like it's always windy around here in this Idaho Clearwater river canyon. Well, it's not usually windy in the winter. Then it's cold! :( (Though it's not as cold as where you live.)