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UMAREX Shotgun slugs

Started by Alan, March 23, 2022, 03:31:50 AM

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Drop over to the HAM site, and read the article on UMAREX's new "shotgun slugs". Note the lead portion. The article mentions the vanes, AND the rifled choke portion of the barrel, are what provide spin stabilization in flight.

I know these are traveling sub-sonically, but even with the odd-shaped meplats, the (laminar ) airflow across these peripheral surfaces, has is very low. I suspect the rifled portion of the choke is actually the main "rotating" force. Am I wrong here?

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I would think you are correct, Alan.... although there is a cutout in the band at the back of the head to allow the air to hit the curved "turning vane".... Being flare-stabilized projectiles, they need very little spin anyways, and could probably get away with 200 calibers (about a 10 foot) twist rate and still be stable....

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