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From the mouth of Glynnis...

Started by Steelhead, May 03, 2024, 01:18:06 PM

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     My beautiful partner is a gem in a million ways, but her irreverent and perfectly timed sarcasm (and total lack of a filter) ranks up there with shiniest.

     Yesterday I was attempting to snipe a ground squirrel from our deck at long range. He's a big, fat one that suns himself on top of wood pile. If I'm lucky enough, I can peek out there if I'm around and get a chance at a gs without going through any effort (getting dressed, putting shoes, etc.) Glynnis was doing some stuff in the living room on the other side of the open window when the shot went off, followed by the loud 'PLOP' of a slug finding it's home in the midsection of a squirrel.

     Without a moment's hesitation she did her best Forrest Gump voice and screamed, "Aaaaahhhh!!!! Something BIT me!!". Neither one us could stop laughing for an hour.

     The moral of the story is....well, nothin'. F@#$ ground squirrels. That's all.

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That was a very enjoyable shooting report! ⭐️

Thanks for writing it up! 😃


Go kill'em all!