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Why Boattails for Airguns

Started by rsterne, February 27, 2023, 09:50:48 AM

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I guess once it starts to open out, the higher RPM makes it expand more (or even come apart)....  8)

The interesting thing about pellets and slugs.... they don't read the papers about what the are supposed to do!....  ;)

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rising dragon

I got some 105 grain HP .356 on eBay but after 4 years, the guy casting them vanished.
They look like accurate molds 36-109a but with a wide HP. They don't make HP molds so Eric would have to make the mods. Being only .45 long they fit and cycle perfectly in aea challenger pro 357. He also made one at 120 grain that hand fed well. Energy 190 ft/lbs and 210 respectively. Under 2 inch group at 100. I'm going to save my social IN-security pennies and make these.