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The one that got away

Started by Steelhead, December 31, 2023, 07:41:01 AM

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While searching through some old pics I came across the picture of a truly massive California Columbian Blacktail that gave me the slip for two years. I would see him before season, after season, and one time I had a chance during the season but I was thwarted by an unfortunately timed four-wheeler with a hay wagon and the bug spooked before he was in range.

I did however get a picture of him when I was walking up my airgun range. I already had my camera out taking pics of targets, and I saw him in the brush about ten yards away. I couldn't get a pic of his points because his rack is so wide it's hidden by the tall grass. He's a 4x4, no eye guards that I can see, but a lot of mass.

Cool picture that I had forgotten about, and it good to be reminded again of that experience.
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Man he knew exactly where to get. Nice picture.