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The rail that bites!

Started by Alan, September 20, 2023, 03:50:34 AM

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Loren and Steve brought up a point of contention for me, and apparently others too. And that is...

Picatinny rails! For some reason, almost every airgun manufacturer has "gotta" install picatinny rails on every square inch of their airguns! The most egregious are the Benjamin Bulldogs. Steve's comment about polishing the edges is certainly a good one, but why are there so many superfluous attachment points in the first place? Esthetics?

I own two FX Impacts, and I've never found a use for the ones on either side of the forearm. I've always thought they should be screw on types. And in some cases, this goes for the bottom rail typically used for bipods.

And let's not forget the sharp edges of most dove tail "cuts" too!

These days, almost all airgun chassis' are CNC cut, which admittedly lowers the manufacturing costs. But those same CNC machines can drill and thread, and make tiny screw-on rails just as easily.

I say, to hell with esthetics, and give us what we want, not what we have to take!

I have a Hill EC-3000 compressor. If you're a fellow Guild member, and you pass through Roswell, NM, I'll fill your tank as a courtesy (4,250 PSI limit).


I personally do not care for the tactical picatinny porcupine look.  The M-Lok is a great system, smooth and versatile. 

I put covers on the pic rails on my Impact.  Not like I am all flash lighted up or have a Swiss Army knife mounted just in case.

I bought a LRT rifle a few years ago and one of the things I liked about the stock was it had the M-lok rail panel on the forearm.  I have never used it, but it is there if I wanted to mount a bi-pod other wise it is flush and hand friendly.