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Today on the CNC

Started by Loren, September 15, 2023, 04:33:51 PM

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Cutting some 7075 aluminum today.

Guesses to what the part is before I post more photos?


Finished cutting, deburred and into the tumbler to polish.


They look like locking rails, or whatever they're called.

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Yes, M-Lok rails  Will allow the option to mount a picatinny rail, but have it flush otherwise. 


Once again very nice. You are getting pretty handy with that thing.  Did you have to screw and un screw each one of those screws or did the machine do it?



Started out with 4 strips of double sided tape to hold the sheet down while I drilled, bored, then counter sunk the holes.  Then drove the screws in with a cordless drill.  Pretty easy fixturing and let me maximize the material usage.


Super awesome! Really glad to see you tumbling to de-burr. I hate Picatinny rails that bite my fingers. Wish more folks de-burred their stuff.
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Burrs are bad news.  I need a bigger tumbler.  After about 30 minutes they look like a game of pick up sticks and are all tangled up.  It is  be a die grinder and a Scotch Brite pad for now.