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Polishing barrel bore

Started by Butch G, February 09, 2023, 02:11:06 PM

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Butch G

I read an article about polishing a PCP rifle barrel. Would this help or hinder a springer or piston rifles barrel?
Butch G.


I believe that depends on the specific airgun. Inexpensive break barrel airguns, obviously use other than first-class materials, including barrels. While polishing, brushing, scrubbing, whatever, may not do any damage, whether it improves accuracy is indeed moot.

As an opinion... I use nylon brushes exclusively, since they're less likely to "scratch" the bore, than say bronze of brass brushes. Some folks like Ernest Rowe, suggest only patches be used to clean bores. They take longer in the job, however. I suspect one reason Ernest says what he says, that he shoots FX airguns exclusively. They don't use rifled barrels per se, but tubes with the rifling (?) imparted on them, from the outside of the tube. Hence the term, Smooth Twist. Like (almost) any airgun, best accuracy comes from use, and not out of the box!

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