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Jury Duty and Trashed Back

Started by steveoh, December 17, 2022, 08:00:19 AM

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It's been a hell of a few weeks.

Started a Jury Duty for a five week trial. I feel strongly that it's a civic duty to participate and so I did not try to shirk my duty. At the same time I did not try to get on. I was chosen. Post trial I can talk about it.

Monday came out to find a flat tire on truck. So, in my good clean clothes I changed out the flat with my spare. Screwed up my lower back putting the flat tire in the bed of the truck. Those big wheels and tires are heavy!

Also got a very mild case of the sniffles but tested negative for Covid for the past 7 days. Wore mask and disinfected hands constantly.

And so it goes.

Happy Holidays!

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No good deed goes unpunished!....  ::)

🇺🇦    I support Ukraine and their struggle to remain free!    🇺🇦


In other words, an unpunished deed is not a good one!

I have lucked out in the jury duty scenario, having never served. Then, I got to be a professional witness! Oh my Lord. I wished I had been. The defense council couldn't find the words to challenge me, so character assassination was the rule of the day. He lost!

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Frank in Fairfield

At 77 I no longer worry about jury duty but...
Once I was on case that dealt with a Vallejo Police beating someone because the officer was under high stress.
Identifying myself as an air traffic controller his lawyer asked if I understood how people under stress could break down and make mistakes?
I replied, "Not the people who worked for me."
"You are excused".


I have been called twice and served the fist time.  It ended up be a hung jury, turned out for the second time in the cast.  The guy had been busted for Mary Jane at the traffic stop.  A few of us felt the police officer really did an illegal search. 

The next one I'm glad I didn't have to serve.  It was over child sexual abuse.  That would not have been fun.