It is the start of Summer vacations, and for many, planting season too. But that doesn't mean you can't shoot your airgun! And you'd best, unless you want to lose your touch for the Fall hunting seasons, which will be upon us before we know it!

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Crosman AIR 17

Started by Septicdeath, July 01, 2022, 12:48:11 PM

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Crosman AIR 17
1985 to 1990

The Crosman AIR 17 is a single stroke pneumatic able shoot pellets or BBs.  Manufactured from 1985 to 1990. The guns velocity at 450 fps for BBs and 400 fps for pellets.  A smooth bore barrel make this air gun a plinker. Crosman didn't alot of Single Stroke Pneumatic air rifles. A "replica" of the AR-15 / M-16. Athough the gun is mostly plastic it is a fairly good replica. The magazine is detachable and can be used to store extra pellet clips or bbs. The pellet magazine holds 4 pellets and also has a single shot tray built in the mag. The magazine for the Model 760 also fit this air gun and will hold 5 pellets. The rear sight is a peep and the front sight is post. The stock has a storage compartment that is accessible from the but plate. The barrel can be changed out for a rifled one using Crosman M4-177 barrel. , 1985 to 1990

177 caliber
Single Pump Pneumatic
Single shot
Shoots pellets or bb
450 fps bb
400 fps pellet