It is the start of Summer vacations, and for many, planting season too. But that doesn't mean you can't shoot your airgun! And you'd best, unless you want to lose your touch for the Fall hunting seasons, which will be upon us before we know it!

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SOLD Citrus .257 SOLD

Started by steveoh, January 03, 2022, 03:32:46 PM

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SOLD —- Citrus .257— SOLD

This unique, high power, accurate, and beautiful Custom .257 Citrus air rifle is up for sale. I'll probably regret letting it go, but my priorities have changed.

Custom Build by Mike Kobel of Citrus Airguns.  Beautiful custom handmade walnut stock was designed and created by John Bowman. John is the son-in-law of Jack Haley, the greater of the .257 Haley Scandalous. John has shot this rifle and proclaims it a winner.

There is nothing generic about this exotic rifle, and you can go to a range or competition and no one else will have an air rifle quite like this.

I am the second owner, and have taken exceptional care of this extraordinary airgun.  It holds air, and makes 180 FPE at 3600 psi with 72 grain 257420 bullets. You can shoot up to about 85 grain bullets and maintain accuracy, with it's 1:14 TJ's polished hammer forged chrome-moly steel barrel. The bore is shiny and is resistant to fouling since I lube the barrel and pc coated and uncoated bullets with 10 weight silicone RC Shock Oil.   After a day of shooting, run 2-4 patches through the barrel and you are done.


Length: 53" with Moderator Boss installed.

Weight: 12lbs with scope and moderator boss.

Air Tube diameter 1.13"

Air Tube Length: 28"

Barrel diameter:.55185"

Barrel Length: 30"

Foster Fitting fill nipple

Custom Walnut Stock carved by John Bowman – .257 Winner of 2012 Lasso, and of Haley Scandalous fame. ($600 value).

Timney trigger

Cerakote finish

Picatinny Rail for scope, and short Picatinny rail for bipod.

Included Accessories:

Custom Neil Clague Moderator and boss w/ thread protector – takes the bite out of the sound level. ($180 value)

BSA TMD Scope Second Focal Plane 6-24×44 and rings. ($100 value)

Bipod ($26 value)

Will include several hundred various lubricated .257 Slugs to get started. (The defacto slug for most .257 air rifles is the 257420.  Will also inclued a boat tail Hollowpoint Noe bullet that shoots extremely well also.)   


Tac Force Tactical Soft Rifle Case is available for an extra $100.00


All .72 grain pure lead cast bullets sized to .257.

1. 3000psi fill 1003fps = 160 fpe

2. 3300psi fill 1030fps = 169 fpe

3. 3600 psi fill 1056psi =  178 fpe


From Mike Kobel (the designer and builder):

The gun has a 1 in 14 twist. Heavier than 85gr bullets will not stabilize. It was set up for a 3600 psi fill but 3300 will work, but you will need that little bit more pressure to shoot groups at 200 plus. I shot once at Bowmans house and shot 7 shots at 250 yards and got a 3/4 inch group. Gun was shooting 74 gr bullets at 1177fps.


Sell for $2200.00 plus shipping and include the scope, moderator, bipod, and a selection of several hundred assorted bullets for you to shoot in the rifle. Accept PayPal +3% fees, or Zelle. Don't want the scope, moderator or bipod? Then the price is $1995.00.

More photos available.

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