it's good to see some familiar names

Started by nervoustrigger, May 10, 2016, 10:37:46 PM

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"It is good that war is so terrible; for we should grow too fond of it." GEN Robert E. Lee

Is it a coincidence that a group of baboons is called a Congress????????


Quote from: Alan on May 13, 2016, 06:21:31 AM
I really didn't want to blurt out the old cliche about California, but I just couldn't resist. About 6 weeks ago, I went out to Visalia, to go to a big amateur radio DX convention, and was once again I was reminded of California's status. Unfortunately, I had to spend 4 1/2 hours in the Emergency Room because my host's cat bit my hand! I was treated well by the hospital staff, but after I got discharged, the waiting room looked like one of those Walmart shopper videos!

Visalia / Fresno part of the state  :P :P ... no doubt.
Like most parts of this great country, there is beauty & blight living along side each other.
We have a choice ... mostly, where we choose to live and what surroundings we want  ;)

Having traveled to most parts of the country this past 40 + years ... Northern California is like no other state / place in the union ! and while in spite of some parts & peoples here ... BY CHOICE live were I do.

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Having lived in socal and having family that lives in Visalia area definitely used to look better but with the drought as bad as I has been places in those areas are getting real run down looking. Having driven from socal to Washington many times moving stuff norcal is a totally different kind of place then socal no doubt.
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Thanks for the warm welcome, fellas!

John, I like the fruit and the nuts.

And Alan, I award you 10 points for the sheer randomness of your post, and another 5 points for successfully dragging it off topic away from genitalia euphemisms.


Thanks for joining Jason.  We really needed a resident QB man over here.   ;)

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