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Whats in store for us?

Started by Crosman999, May 22, 2016, 05:05:43 PM

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First off I want to thank Travis for honoring me to write here on this forum,he has become a good friend and mentor to me in this fine sport we call Airgunning.I'm always proud to be an Airgunner,and am lucky to have more reasons than most to be that way.My lifestyle allows me to meet a wide variety of those who support and follow our sport.I have been an Airgunner for a great many years now and have acquired some amazing friends along the way.This sport is filled with folks from all walks of life,who are brought together with the familiar love for Airguns.

I have seen many changes to our sport but most of the excitement has been more recent.The interest I have witnessed seems to be moving towards the PCP world with bullpups,big-bores and tactical looking Airguns that have become the new fad.

For myself I have always owned traditional style rifles but have found myself embracing change,even though its sometimes uncomfortable.The sport has attracted many new shooters thanks to a larger variety of lower priced guns,ammo prices have made Airguns more appealing as well.Like any hobby we sometimes feel that need for more performance or that custom look,many in our sport are now making a living selling mods,parts,guns,pellets,etc.

For myself I follow many hunting post and find myself wishing we had more rights as hunters in some states such as here in CA.I see changes coming as Airguns will soon be recognized as more than the "BB gun or Airsoft" thing.
Modern PCPs are very capable hunting tools and put a new meaning to the words "Adult Airgun".


Some modern PCPs are now coming standard with what we would call only several years ago "Big-Bores",seems as though the .25 is the new .22 these days.Hatsan recently came out with a .30 springer that I think may have surprised a few of us,these are progressions in our sport.As always we have high end Airguns that are constantly being thrown into the mix.Magazines and media are consistently bombarding us with new products/reviews etc, What is the best Airgun? Never a correct answer to this question and I doubt there ever will,some may think they know. My answer is always this "The best Airgun is the one your shooting".

During the next few weeks I plan on featuring some interviews with a few pillars of the Airgun community and to of course through my writing bring some of you closer to this fine sport.Until next time "Keep shooting and enjoy life to the fullest"

Dana Webb 
"If we act like prey,they'll act like predators"