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Welcome Hajimoto to the Guild's Editorial Board!

Started by steveoh, June 14, 2017, 03:34:09 PM

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Quackenbush .58 Outlaw
Shooting Chairs
Vallejo Ferry Schedule
DAQ .458 LA Outlaw Rifle
DAQ .58 LA Outlaw Rifle
FX Streamline .25
FX M3 Impact 700mm Sniper .25
Benjamin Bulldog .357
QB-79 .177
Crosman 1322
Crosman 1377 - HoRodded 10 FPE
Diana Model 27 (childhood airgun)
Tolman Skiff
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 Thank you for all your help Steve and the warm welcome. I would like to thank Travis for personally inviting me and endorsing what it is that I do. It is always awesome to be recognized by established leaders in the field in which we all play. For those of you that are not familiar, I am a Masshole that enjoys airguns and capturing my antics to be shared with like-minded folks like you. I will be using this editorial section as a distribution outlet for articles and videos that will be covering a wide range of topics like hunting, pesting, weapon mods, tweaking, tech and custom builds all in the context of air gunning. I hope to hear from all and look forward to being a part of growing the sport of air gunning.


 My pleasure buddy and keep up the good work!!!


"If we act like prey,they'll act like predators"