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The one question you didn't answer...

Everything I have read about CO2 airguns is basically the same—They tend to leak out the CO2 when unused for several days to a week or two. This was fortified by the instructions for UMAREX's non-lethal, rubber shooting, CO2 handgun. Fact is, it has a button you hit to pierce the CO2 cartridge when you need to use it.

One reason I'm interested in the TrailScout is the fact it has a threaded barrel. But if I have to put in new cartridges every time I need to dispatch a squirrel, I don't want it!

So, how long does it hold the CO2 pressure?
                                                                       Diana Trailscout .177 Caliber
                                                                             "3 Co2 Cartridges"
                                                          (Excerpt from my CD "Old Airguns and Memories")

Earlier this year, (2019) I was watching some videos from the Shot Show and came across one by Diana Air Guns. It was a demonstration of a new model Co2 rifle called the Diana "Trailscout" that utilizes 3- 12 Gram Co2 cartridges, yep all 3 cartridges are pierced at once, by way of a cartridge carrier as they describe it. Advertised as capable of 100 shots per charge, and available in .177 -.22 calibers.

There have been several iterations of this rifle previously; Stormrider etc. I will let others delineate all the subtle differences in this line; I am only interested in this unit!! Actually I have a couple of Diana air rifles but both are the spring break Model 350. I contacted PA and placed an order for one in 177 caliber I was told to expect a delivery date of mid August 2019.  I was also told it was a single shot not a repeater with magazine at least that is what I understood. ( I think what they meant was it also came with a single shot tray !!)

Well I received an e-mail the first week in November that these units had finally arrived and mine was to be shipped to me in a couple of days. I placed a phone call to confirm and it was at this time that I found out it was actually a repeater with magazine, so ordered an extra magazine. It did also come with a single shot tray!! I also determined it was with a synthetic stock, which was fine with me!!Some photos show wood stocks. * Note; both magazine and single shot tray are held in place via imbedded magnets. The .177 magazine has a 9 round. capacity! (* Note, these mags are a little fiddly to load but practice makes perfect!!)

I received the rifle on 11-7-19 , it was in good order, nice looking little rifle; Black synthetic stock/butt pad, with nice checkering on the forearm and pistol grip area, blued barrel/anodized breech, adjustable rear sight push type safety on trigger guard, adj. trigger, muzzle shroud and 11mm scope grooves on the breech, OAL 39.5", 5.4 lbs! Nice lightweight compact Rifle! The front sight looks sort of like a sharks fin, odd, but I understand it, the front sight height is .675" above the top surface of the barrel; because of the rear sight height and location. You would not want a tall slender front post at that height; it could easily be bent etc. so this design gives the front sight the needed support at that height!

Included with the Rifle was a small plastic bag with, 10 assorted o-rings (replacements I assume there was no EVP or schematic included) and the "adapter" for the 3-12 gm cartridges as they now call it, (*called the cartridge carrier in the Shot Show video!) The Adapter is a one inch long round cylindrical anodized aluminum housing with a .075" hole in the side and houses two recessed piercing pins, one in each end, which allows 2 cartridges to be pierced with the third pierced at the valve, which pressurizes the tube sealed by the o-ringed screw on cap at the front of the tube.

After insertion of Co2 carts, in the "right sequence"; first cart in small neck first, second cart small neck up, then the Adapter and the final cart in neck down! There is a toggle lever attached to the threaded 0-ringed seal cap that hangs down, that; after tightening, it is raised up which forces a plunger to press all three Co2 cartridges into the piercing pins which will thereby pierce all three Co2 Cartridges at once! (INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED IN THE OEM!) Simpler than it sounds!! Also included were 2 magazines one of which came with the Rifle and the other the extra I ordered.

Well it's the wrong time of year here for CO2 but fortunately I have an area in my shop that I can chronograph in 78 degree comfort and a 30 ft range to shoot in that will give me some idea of accuracy, if I have too, usually I can get a weather break into the 70s once or twice before dead winter sets in and can get some 25 yard accuracy testing in hopefully.

The advertising touts 100 shots per fill; I always take quoted shot count figures with a grain of salt, I prefer the term "Useable" shot count as a more realistic approach. Yep, might get 100 shots but the last 20-25 may be in the 300 fps 200 fps range and really of no use, to me at least!! The "usable shots" would hopefully be in the 600 fps range or 75 shots in the above scenario, but we shall see!!

All of my initial testing (first 100 shots will be with open sights initially, however I do intend to scope the unit in its final iteration for accuracy testing. I have a NIB Gamo fixed 4X with Parallax set at 25 yds. I have had around for a spell should be a good fit for this rifle. I set the trigger @ 1lb 12 oz.

After checking all stock screws etc. was ready for the first C02 charge, one note here, I found the toggle lever securement bolt and nut very loose, retightened and good to go that's why it's always a good idea to check all attachment bolts screws etc. particularly on any new rifle! I used some Silicone grease to lube the Co2 cap       o-ring and the inside lip of Co2 tube (*Note original cap o-ring appears to have been a standard rubber o-ring and was "unusable" after first charge due to swelling; replaced with a poly type that was in the o-ring kit that came with rifle for subsequent charging!. The cartridges and adapter were installed in the proper sequence with a drop of silicone oil on each tip, and the tube cap tightened, once the tube cap was secured (* I used a 2.5mm Allen wrench inserted the long end into the tube cap allen cap screws to do the final tightening) I lined up the toggle lever and raised it up which forced all three Co2 cartridges to be pierced simultaneously!! The rifle was now charged. I cocked the rifle and fired once to be sure; and there was just a "phfttt" sound, I thought what the heck, hammer must not be hitting the valve stem hard enough???

After pondering this a few minutes decided to load a pellet using single shot tray (Crosman 7.9 grain Premier) and shoot it across the Chrono , fired it and again just a "phfttt" sound; but it registered 649 fps !!!! Folks the moderator/Shroud on this rifle make it sound like Red Rider BB gun, IT WORKS TO PERFECTION!!!  My Crosman M-167 Co2 rifle gives an audible KRACKK when it fires as does my M-160 or for that matter all other Co2 rifles I have!

Well after getting over this, on with the testing, I used Crosman 7.9 grain premiers for all the velocity testing. I shot 110 pellets across the Chrono , not gonna list all 110 shots but will break them up into a 25 shot count i.e. shot 1, shot 25, shot 50, shot 75, shot 100 etc. I used the 9 shot mags for this; they worked perfectly no malfunctions, but one does need to keep up with shot count as double loading is possible!!!( Note, during the testing I noticed the bolt was getting more difficult to cock, I had not oiled the bolt prior to this so, oiled the bolt and the bolt channel area using a needle applicator, and it returned to smooth cocking, it was obviously rubbing/galling!!)

Shot- (1) -649 fps. /Shot (25) - 629 fps. / Shot (50) -621 fps. /Shot (75)-594 fps. Shot / (85) -554 fps! Shot number 85 reached what I call the end of the useable shot count, or an average of 600+ fps for all shots! 1 thru 85 averaged 602 fps. 6.36 ft. lbs.!! Shot (86) 546 fps / Shot (100) -461 fps = 503 fps. Average, these shots can be used for plinking, Shot (110) = 374 fps!! At this point I simply depleted the rest of the Co2 by dry firing!!      (would be nice to have a degassing system on this rifle!). The "Diana Trailscout Co2 Rifle" is indeed capable of 100 shots per charge!!!!!

I am now going to mount the scope and try to get in some accuracy testing; I will use the single shot tray for all accuracy testing; testing will be done at 25 yards from bench rest. After mounting scope and preliminary sight in I started the accuracy test. Got a break in the cold weather 76 degrees!!!! I used 3 pellets – Polymag Predators 8.0 grain Crosman PMHP 7.9 grain and JSB Exacts 8.4grain.

All targets were 5-shot groups; The Predator delivered .480" center to center, JSB Exacts .990" center to center and Crosman 1.100" center to center. The obvious winner was the Predator Polymag . I have found this pellet to show good accuracy in all my .177 air rifles, so not surprised, problem is can't use the magazines with this pellet, THEY ARE TO0 LONG!! I do want to use the Magazines, don't like fiddling with the single shot tray, particularly with a scope!! Predator does make a shortened version so will look into ordering some!  Until then I will use either the JSB or Crosman with the magazines, both delivered 1.00" groups@ 25 yard. I can live with that, if I want serious accuracy I will use the Polymag Predators with the single shot tray, until I get in the shorter Predators for testing!!

The Trailscout Co2 Rifle is a good lightweight compact Co2 rifle with an 85 useable shot count (600+FPS). Yes it will achieve a 100 round shot count; it would be the owners choice as to when to stop and recharge!
I found the accuracy to be very good with the Polymag pellets and acceptable with Crosman PMHP/JSB Exacts. There are a few additions from the factory that I think would be helpful; a degassing system, Poly type o rings thru out and a second barrel band, and finally a EPV Schematic included, other than that this little rifle is good to go!! Charge it up load the mags and your good for an all day excursion, unless of course; one shoots more than 85 – 100 rounds!

I will post the .22 caliber review next!  Garey

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Airgun Ammo / Re: 35 Hades and 218 knockouts...
Last post by Alan - November 26, 2022, 01:53:23 PM
Then all is not lost! We all have a crutch to bare or bear, as you please.
Airgun Ammo / Re: 35 Hades and 218 knockouts...
Last post by steveoh - November 26, 2022, 10:34:43 AM
Quote from: Alan on November 26, 2022, 08:34:17 AMIt seems, after all, Kevin, that Steve is a bit busy trying to stay alive with the new job.

There is a bit of truth here... Motorcycle ride in can be pretty interesting. New job is taking up 8 hours + 2 hours of commuting, so there's that.

I did get to go fishing with Kevin yesterday and that was pretty awesome! I caught my biggest striper to date. :)
Airgun Ammo / Re: 35 Hades and 218 knockouts...
Last post by steveoh - November 26, 2022, 10:32:35 AM
Quote from: Steelhead on November 26, 2022, 06:38:52 AMThe .25 Hades always shot well out of Impact. I'm curious if Steveoh has tried a .35 Hades through his .357 Bulldog?

I have not. I do have a bunch of JSBs, and some crummy dirty pellets and a sample pack of slugs.  JSB's win on accuracy.
Airgun Ammo / Re: 35 Hades and 218 knockouts...
Last post by Alan - November 26, 2022, 08:34:17 AM
It seems, after all, Kevin, that Steve is a bit busy trying to stay alive with the new job.
Airgun Ammo / Re: 35 Hades and 218 knockouts...
Last post by Steelhead - November 26, 2022, 06:38:52 AM
The .25 Hades always shot well out of Impact. I'm curious if Steveoh has tried a .35 Hades through his .357 Bulldog?
Airgun Ammo / Re: 35 Hades and 218 knockouts...
Last post by Alan - November 26, 2022, 05:55:55 AM
I don't shoot either caliber, but thanks for the update nonetheless.
Airgun Ammo / 35 Hades and 218 knockouts
Last post by Dcorvino - November 25, 2022, 12:46:26 PM
Spoke with Joe at Predator and was informed that the 35 Hades and 218 Knockouts are in the United States!!
They will be shipping to dealers soon

Diana: 34,430L,48,52,54
HW: 45,95,77k,97k
FWB: 80,300s
IZH: Baikal 46m
Walther: LP201
Pardini: K10
AA: S410 XtraFAC, S410 TDR
RAW: HM1000x
Airmaks: KraitX
Walter-Kidde 5k psi 4stg compressor
HILL Hand pump (if needed)

My experiences:
Tried to add a vented regulator to the TDR long ago, failed miserable as something kept leaking so gave up and ordered a new air tube. The HW45 sucked to disassemble and reassemble to do a spring change, on the other hand the Diana rifles are super easy when dropping in a spring kit. Still haven't opened up a HW rifle yet, but might do one soon to install a 12ftlb kit. The Air Arms rifles are also super easy to go through and are as simple as can be for a PCP.  The Baikal isn't bad compared to the Walther LP201, PCP pistols have Orings everywhere. The Kidde air compressor is very interesting, had a stuck 4th stage piston that took a while to find and some TLC to get it working again.