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Semi-Custom Umarex Embark

Started by dan_house, April 10, 2024, 12:03:28 PM

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I bought one of these little guns last year about this time. It's accurate, easy to cock and shoot. Might be 6.5 ft lbs. But if I do my part, it'll hold an inch at 35 yards (but you can eat lunch waiting for it to get there....). But Id like ot make it better....

First up is modding the stock. IVe scrapped off the mold "flashing" on the entire stock. Ive been sanding and filing some areas of the stock to either round off a hard corner or add some more space, like the trigger guard just in front of the grip. I also filed off a far amount of the lower buttstock to let the flesh of my trigger hand have some space for comfort. Gotta remember these guns were largely developed for older kids and teenagers, so the grip can be a tad small for an averaged sized adult

The material cuts easily with a file, knife and sandpaper so its easy to shape and get smooth again. Just gotta be careful to not "cut" too deep or you'll be sanding awhile :)

Two things left to do to the stock. First is dye it. Found some vids on YT where the DIY Glock crowd is using Rit dye to change the color of the Glock frames. Googling around found out if you dye a loud yellow or green suing black dye, itll tone down to something resembling olive drab. Perfect! HAvent done it yet, so the next updte could be reporting a disaster :) 
The other stock mod is adding some wieght in the buttstock, and the grip. Would love to add some up front in the stock, but the slot for the barrel to move really limits where and how much you can add. hoping to get 4-ish ounces. We'll see. Plenty of room in the grip and the busttstock for a lot of weight. Cant do much about the size and shape of the grip, but a strip of "grip tape" down the back of it will help make it feel secure in your ahnd

Have the materials to make a custom shroud for it (think Marauder shroud). 44mm OD CF tube, designed some 3d stuff for the internals and end caps. Just need to assemble and install

Lastly I'll do a basic springer tune on it. Work the internals a bit, the spring and something to reduce the buzz (first Embark starting twanging around 150 shots or so). Havent had the trigger out yet, so unsure how much can be done to it. The original gun has wore in nicely, so maybe just shooting it more will smooth it out without much effort from me

 Pics when I get some.

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I own two springers, one of which is a Diana 54, in .177. It is accurate out to about 50 yards, once you learn to hold it 'just right'! It has a decent 3X9 Leupold scope on it (I bought it used), but I think it would be better with just open sights.

I don't think I'll ever do anything with the stock. It looks new, hasn't one mar on it, and what's more, I have the original box and manual. As a result, it lays in the rack, looks nice, and it is the equivalent of a garage kitty. I'm blessed!

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