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Red Ryder Spring Piston Airgun High Performamce Parts

Started by hallwoo, November 20, 2023, 08:36:22 AM

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This HP plunger assembly will upgrade a Daisy BB gun listed below to have much better than new muzzle velocity

more than 80 year-old airgun

an accurate  10 ft home shooting gallery gun for propellor  spinning   1 1/2 inch

U'll easily shoot 10,000 BBs at it

only 650 shot airgun available

FUN becuz it shoots more than any other airgun

an old-version with metal lever better than a new-one with plastic lever  and also
cheaper @ $18  compared to $29 for a new one

I keep one always loaded  with 650 BBs ready to shoot squirrels outdoor  running around 


Is this a spammer account? I've only glanced at a few of these 'hallwoo' posts, but they seem very spammy. And shooting at squirrels, with a Daisy BB gun? That's animal abuse - you could put a squirrel's eye out and that's just cruel. Perhaps a moderator might look into this account and consider whether or not to block it?


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