Finally! It is shorts weather, and time to teach the kids gun safety. What better way to pry their fingers off the game consoles, and endless TV time?

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How to infect a future airgunner — if you don't have viruses

Started by JungleShooter, October 29, 2022, 12:16:22 AM

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How to infect a future airgunner — if you don't have viruses

Yeah, last week I was in the infecting business.

The virus you all know very well.
Nope, not corona nor covid.
The virus I was trying to get my friend infected with is the airgunning virus.
And it is fatal — as many of you know:  Once you have been infected, there is no hope of recovery.
Only a steady sliding down the AG rabbit hole, with an exponential increasing velocity. 😱

Did I say we are all doomed?

So, I was going to take a friend airgun shooting. To a cow farm with a 100y range (well, it's a perimeter wall, and we'd be setting up on top of a solid layer of 6" of dried cow dung.)

But my scheming encountered an enourmous obstacle! 😬
(Yes, you may despise me now. Go ahead.)
I had left my two ammo boxes at home. (Inexplicable to me.)   ::)
I had left my main shooting bag at home. (Even more baffling.)   :o

When I dug through the boxes and bags I found one tiny tin of JSB domes, about 60 shots in all.

You know how soft lead it... — you can spread that really thin:
We made that 60-shot tin last for over 6 hours.... 
• My friend shot groups at 30y,
• cans at 50y,
• "typed" his name on an old computer keyboard at 15y, and
• finally printed a 3" group at 100y (6 shots)!
First time shooter! 👍🏼

Yupp, now my friend is hooked on airgunning.
The virus, even in a very small dosis (60 pellets), worked wonders on him
he will not recover from it.

And I even got to lead-poison a couple of pigeons that were happened to request treatment. Infecting and poisoning — lovely past times, don't you think?

When have you infected someone with the AG virus?